Coming soon: Menbei products to the US!

//Coming soon: Menbei products to the US!

Coming soon: Menbei products to the US!

We are excited to announce that Fukutaro’s product Menbei will soon be sold in the United States!

Menbei is a special type of “senbei” – or Japanese cracker made from potato dough – infused with the seafood essence of mentaiko, which is fresh roe marinated in salt and red chili peppers.

Mentaiko, also known as spiced cod roe and considered the red caviar of Japan, is a local delicacy in Fukuoka. It is combined with rice flour and a blend of spices to produce a deliciously thin and crispy wafer.

Enhanced with the signature umami of spiced cod roe, the savory taste is both subtle and complex. Crunchy, salty, and a little spicy, our original Menbei crackers are popular around the world.

Also available in other flavors: corn, edamame and tomato. Try them all!

Interested in selling Menbei at your retail store?


About Fukutaro

Established in 1909, Yamaguchi Aburaya Fukutaro began as a cooking oil merchant and grew into a general food manufacturer and wholesaler that specializes in spicy cod roe and other mentaiko-related foods.

Located in Fukuoka, a Japanese prefecture known for its culinary delights, we proudly produce over 1,000 food items including oil, sesame oil, rice, frozen food, and condiments. Our extensive range of delicious products is perfect for both home and professional use.

Built on 100+ years of pure craftsmanship and tradition, our company is committed to safety and authenticity. We devote ourselves every single day to making tasty foods that bring the flavors of Japan to you.

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