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Takemoto Oil & Fat Co. Ltd – the company that manufactures Maruhon Oil – is theĀ oldest operating oil extraction company in Japan. Established in 1725 by Chozaburo Takemoto in the Aichi prefecture, it still owned by the founding family. Takemoto has been producing hexane-free seasame oil for over 290 years to ensure optimal quality and an authentic taste.

Maruhon Sesame Oil is well-known in professional kitchens around the world and used at Michelin-starred restaurants throughout Japan.

All of our sesame oils are proudly produced through expeller pressing to ensure optimal quality and an authentic taste.

Having been producing hexane-free sesame oil for over 290 years, we’ve gotten pretty good at it! #MaruhonOil


Premium product of Japan

Maruhon Sesame Oil is traditionally pressed in Japan without chemicals. How is it made?

Follow along to see how our Maruhon Sesame oil is
sourced, Sorted, toasted, extracted, distilled, filtered,
and bottled.

Sesame Oil

Maruhon Sesame Oils are used by chefs around the world in baking, stir-frys, sauces and much more! Find which of the four flavors: Untoasted, Lightly Toasted, Toasted and Dark Toasted is your go to sesame oil today.

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