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Established in 1909, Yamaguchi Aburaya Fukutaro began as a cooking oil merchant and grew into general food manufacturer and
a wholesaler that specializes in spicy cod roe and other mentaiko-related foods.


Menbei is a special type of “senbei” -or
Japanese cracker made potato
dough – infused with the seafood essence
of mentaiko, which is fresh roe
marinated in salt and chili peppers.

Maruhon Sesame oil

Takemoto Oil & Fat Co. Ltd – the
company that manufactures Maruhon Sesame Oil – is the
oldest operating oil extraction company
in Japan


Malony’s creator, founder Yoshimune
Yoshimura, was forced to live in Siberia
after the war. When Yoshimura returned to
Japan, he developed a new Harusame made
from potato starch.