Established in 1909, Yamaguchi Aburaya Fukutaro began as a cooking oil merchant and grew into a general food manufacturer and wholesaler that specializes in spicy cod roe and other mentaiko-related foods.

Located in Fukuoka, a Japanese prefecture known for its culinary delights, we proudly wholesale over 15,000 food items including oil, sesame oil, rice, frozen food, and condiments. Our extensive range of delicious products is perfect for both home and professional use.

Built on 100+ years of pure craftsmanship and tradition, our company is committed to safety and authenticity. We devote ourselves every single day to making tasty foods that bring the flavors of Japan to you.

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Mentaiko Powder Freeze-Dried (Alaskan Pollock Roe)

Mentaiko is a Japanese dish made of pollock roe, or eggs, pickled in various ingredients which makes it spicy.  It may also be combined with other ingredients in various dishes popular in Japan such as in a sauce with pasta and in onigiri, where it is wrapped in rice.  It remains preserved due to the ingredients used to spice it. Mentaiko is freely available in Japan — Fukuoka being the city where it originated. (Source: Delighted Cooking)

Another popular product is the Menbei potato cracker made with Mentaiko.

Unlike original frozen Mentaiko, freeze-dried powder makes it extremely easy-to-use for cooking and baking. Fukutaro is a manufacturer of Mentaiko in Fukuoka, Japan.

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Purple Sweet Potato Powder

Nope, these bagels aren’t dyed. The purple color is completely natural. It comes as a result of an antioxidant called anthocyanin, the same antioxidant responsible for the color of red cabbage, red wine, and purple cauliflower. (Source: Allrecipes)

The purple color is natural for this sweet potato. You can bake purple bread or cakes that are naturally sweet and looking unique. Shelf life is 2 years.

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Green Tea Paste

This organic paste comes from Japanese green tea. The paste makes it easy to melt and is best for baking. The beautiful green color remains even after baking. Shelf life is 1 year when stored at room temp.

Almost 100% of the nutrients are kept in the paste. If you are interested in receiving free samples, please contact us at info@fukutarousa.com.

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